We are expanding the TMF Institute globally to meet the growing demand to TMF training and professional development.

TMF management is becoming increasingly specialised at the same time as it is becoming more integrated with other clinical functions and beyond.

The work of the TMF professional is evolving in complexity at the same time as it is growing in significance. Individuals and companies must adapt to keep pace with the changing regulations, emerging technologies, the advent of the eTMF, the growth of CROs in marketplace, globalisation and a host of other stressors. Companies are leveraging for QC their eTMFs to monitor trials and conduct oversight while simultaneously to maintain inspection readiness.

We created the TMF Institute by incorporating what participants like most about the TMF Summit series' workshops into an objective-driven professional growth and learning opportunity.

The TMF institute is a landmark training course programme intended to complement our TMF Summit series. Whereas, ExL’s TMF Summits offer a comprehensive education for TMF, each of the institute’s courses will provide targeted professional development and in-depth knowledge in a particular area.

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