The Westin Tokyo

The Westin Tokyo

The Westin Tokyo
1-4-1 Mita Meguro-ku
Tokyo, Japan 153-8580

ExL is not holding a block of guest rooms. If you are in need of housing for the meeting, you can book a room directly with the hotel at their prevailing rate:

+81 3 5423 7000

*ExL Events is not affiliated with Exhibition Housing Management (EHM)/Exhibitors Housing Services (EHS) or any third-party booking agencies, housing bureaus or travel companies. ExL Events is affiliated with event company Questex, LLC. In the event that an outside party contacts you for any type of hotel or travel arrangements, please disregard these solicitations and kindly email us at [email protected]. ExL has not authorized these companies to contact you and we do not verify the legitimacy of the services or rates offered. Please book your guest rooms through ExL’s reserved guest room block using the details provided.


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